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Here are the pepper plants we grow!


Some are sweet and mild; others are hot and spicy!  We grow only great tasting varieties that produce well in Wisconsin.        *Nino's personal favorites


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2016 Pepper varieties



KING ARTHUR* Green>red 59 Huge; early; high yielding; adapted to many garden situations. Good flavor.
RED BEAUTY*      (=BARON) Green>red 68 Large; early to turn red bell pepper.  Sweet, productive.  Recommended
SWEET CHOCOLATE            Chocolate 75 New Hampshire heirloom.  Chocolate outside, bright red inside.  Thick, sweet flesh.  A novelty that is worth growing.
ETIUDA ORANGE BELL Orange 75 Polish heirloom.  Extra large, blocky bell pepper, very sweet and juicy.
GYPSY* Yellow>red 60 Our 2nd favorite sweet pepper. Great taste, thick flesh; productive.
CARMEN  (=  CORNO DI TORO = Italian bulls horn)**** Red 60 Italian heirloom.  Early; incredibly sweet.  Horn shaped.  Easy, productive, adaptable.  Our favorite sweet pepper.  Love it in salads, stir fries, eggs.  AAS Award winner.
SWEET BANANA              NEW yellow>red 66 Heirloom.  Large plants with loads of long, narrow, bright yellow fruits ripening to red.   Sweet, NOT hot!   AAS award winner.
CUBANELLE                        NEW lime green 65 Caribbean heirloom.  Sweet with very little heat.  Ripens to red.  Med size.  One of the best Italian-type frying peppers.
PAPRIKA* red 85 Heirloom.  Use dried to make excellent spicy paprika powder.
ANCHO  (= Poblano)* green>red 76 Heirloom.  Large, flatish, heart shaped.  Chile rellanos.  Nice flavor, mild.
ANAHEIM (Big Chile) green 68 Excellent yield of large anaheims.  Nice roasted or stuffed.
PEPPERONCINO yellow>red 72 Italian heirloom.  Mild when yellow; hotter when red.  Pickling, salads.
MARIACHI* red, orange 67 Fruity, cone shaped.  Perfect for milder salsa, salads.  AAS winner
HUNGARIAN WAX yellow 67 Heirloom.  Spicy hot, banana shaped.  Great for pickling, subs, sandwiches.
PASILLA BAJIO (Chile negro)          black 78 Heirloom.  fruity, herbal flavor for mole & enchilada sauces.  Lots of 10-12 inch long thin fruits on larger plants.
SUPER CHILI* red 75 Love it for chili!  Compact, attractive, highly productive.  Excellent in pots.
EARLY  JALAPENO      green>red 65 original HOT flavor for authentic Mexican cooking and pickling.  Heavy yield.  Smoked jalapenos = chipotle
SERRANO                      red,green 85 Mexican heirloom.  2 in. long, chunky, & very hot.  Flavorful fresh or dried.
CAYENNE                      red 70 Tasty, very hot.  High yield of long thin peppers.  Easy to dry and make cayenne pepper.
HABANERO orange 90 Heirloom.  Grown for bragging rights.  Very hot!!!  Citrus flavor good for rubs, mixed powders

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