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Vegetable Plants!


Start your garden with our healthy plants.  Come and get vegetable seedlings ready to plant.

 These are available at the farm in May and June. We grow only great tasting varieties that produce well in Wisconsin.


Strawberries, Peas, Apples, Pears, Pumpkins, Herbs, Perennials, AnnualsTomatoes, Peppers, Vegetables.


2018 vegetable plant list

Artichoke We start these early so you actually get fruit the same year.  FUN!
Arugula Salad green - nutty and peppery!
Broccoli Green Magic.  Early; well adapted to our area.  Heavy crop of side shoots after main head is harvested.
Brussel's Sprouts Dagan.  Get the true, sweet flavor of this vegetable by growing your own.  Bizarre growth habit is fun to see.  Harvest late in fall.
Cabbage, Coneshape Caraflex.  A cute little pointy head with great flavor for slaw or your favorite crunchy salad blend.
Collards Tiger.  An, often overlooked vegetable.  Greens have a mild flavor and are great steamed or stirfried. Big leaves remain tender.  Very high vitamin and mineral content, equal to spinach, and keeps much better in garden.
Cantalope Halona.  Excellent sweet flavor, medium size, early, mildew resistant.
Carrot, Little Finger Get a bowl of 4 inch long carrots for the patio!
Celery Yes you CAN grow celery here.  Needs heat and moisture for best flavor!
Cucumbers Diva (seedless, burpless, non-bitter; beetle resistant)  Outstanding flavor and production.  AAS award winner.  Best if staked up, but not required.  Vines sprawl and require quite a bit of space.
Muncher Burpless.  Smooth, non-bitter skin, 8-9 inch European type fruits Good. yield from compact plants.  Smaller gardens and containers.
Pick-A-Bushel.  (Pickling)  Very early and heavy producer of crisp, sweet fruits for dill pickles.  Small plants work in large containers and smaller gardens.  AAS award winner.
Edible flowers See Herbs page
Eggplant Nadia (regular large fruits).  Large, oval, deep purple fruits.  Great flavor; Sturdy plants.
Ichiban. (long, slender Asian style fruits).  Early, productive, nearly seedless.  Excellent flavor.  A hard to get variety.
Italian Pink Bi-color.  Heirloom.  Non-bitter oblong fruits are 4-5 inch in diameter and are lavender with white blush or striping.  Non bitter skin, high yield.  Gourmet cooking. 
Fennel (finocchio) Heirloom.  Bulbing fennel.  Excellent raw or cooked.  Italian cuisine.
Ground Cherry Aunt Molly's Heirloom.  Little tan fruits in papery husks born in abundance on short, wide plants.  Sweet, nutty flavor for fresh eating.
Herbs See HERBS page
Kale Green curls.  Compact ruffly kale for contrainers.  Leaves are tender and have a nutty flavor.                                                                                                   Lacinato  Italian heirloom.  Blue-green, quilted, sweet, and tender all season.  High nutritional value.  Also called "Dinosaur" and "Black Tuscan"
Scarlet - dark purple, ruffled, very tall.  Sweet & tender all season.  Ornamental too!  Replaces Redbor.
Lettuce Mixed varieties, including romaine which holds better in hot weather.
Malabar "spinach" Climbing vine, produces all summer.  Nutritious and delicious.  LOVES hot weather.  One plant is all you need. 
Peppers 23 varieties, including 11 heirlooms.  See separate page.  PEPPERS
Rhubarb Old fashioned large, red-stemmed variety produces enough for many pies.
Sorrel, red-veined Young leaves are tender and lemony.  Best as an ornamental.
Spinach sweet, tender cool season greens for salads and cooking
Squash, summer  Yellow straightneck (Lioness).  Bush type.   Productive; virus and mildew resistant.  Keeps going all summer.  Excellent variety!
Squash, summer Zucchini (Tigress).  Bush type.  Productive; virus and mildew resistant.  Keeps going all summer.  Excellent variety!
Squash, winter Autumn Delight Acorn and Early Butternut.  Both have smaller vines but heavier yields.  Autumn Delight has high resistance to powdery mildew.
Strawberry, alpine Red alpine strawberry.  Tiny, elongate, incredibly sweet fruits are produced a few at a time all summer.  Perennial; groundcover.
Swiss chard  Bright Lights.  Excellent flavor, nutritious spinach substitute that just keeps on producing until late fall.  Also very attractive.
Tomatillo 2 oz green fruits produced in abundance on 18 inch plants.  Harvest August/September.  Roasting; green salsa.
Tomatoes 34 varieties, including 19 HEIRLOOMS.  See separate page: TOMATOES
Watermelon Jubilee Bush.  LOTS of Large fruits (8-12 pounds each) produced on moderately compact vines.  Flesh is red, crisp, sweet and juicy.  Disease resistant.  Keeps forever on and off the vine.  An excellent variety that is hard to find.  

Strawberries, Sugar Snap Peas, Apples, Pears, Plums, Pumpkins, Herbs and Perennials ....

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